Letting Nature 

guide our hand

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First and foremost we got the

big mother,

founded in 5,000,000,000

or so BCE.

Up next

we got

Mike and Faustine,

Co Founders of Planetlenz Inc. in 2020


Our Planet is fucking amazing.......period!

Strong words for strong emotions!

However words alone are not enough to describe the magnitude of awesomeness pertained within our home....Earth! Thus we are developing our studio to accommodate an ever growing variety of  mediums to celebrate the best known place to live in the Universe!


Planetlenz is a studio that aims to ignite energy, respect, camaraderie and joie de vivre for a healthy symbiotic relationship with Earth.

Stories, Videos, Photos, ridiculous Men's and Women's gear plus much, much, more. Our ever evolving style, journey and vision keep us highly motivated to perpetually continue for centuries to come!


71 % Water

It's very easy to look at your surroundings and forget that the majority of the surface of our planet is water. After all, we are humans, and it goes without saying that humans don't live in the ocean.

That's what makes them so appealing to us.

Biologically you're not meant to spend more than 5 minutes or so under the water until you die.

Thanks to modern magicianery, popularized by Jacques Cousteau, David Attenborough and others, we relish the opportunity afforded to us to explore the other 71%.

We draw a lot of our inspiration from the seas, however the percentage of which has yet to be calculated!

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Designing our Catalog

In a society where it is illegal to go outside naked, clothing is a big part of life.

It doesn't take long looking around our website to gather  that we love color and nature. 

 Blue Jeans and white T's just don't cut it for us. So we put our heads together and designed a line of gear that amplifying the natural beauty of nature through attire.

Lets call it "Joie de Vivre Paraphernalia"

Yes, we are aware that some of our designs are a little "far out".

If you can't go all in with color when going to the beach or working out, then you're doomed to a lifetime of drabness. Sorry! 


We design our catalog around the awesomeness provided by Planet earth.

From wildlife to consciousness and everything in-between. The reality of life on earth is pretty exciting stuff. We are all astronauts born on this ship!

In order to make our product line as versatile as possible, we solely focus our efforts towards making purposeful, high energy articles of clothing. Comfortable, colorful and energetic. Dual functionality meaning they can be worn for both comfort or for sport..

Furthermore, all of our gear is tailored upon order.

Once you've placed your order and given us your sizes, we get to work. Yes this adds 1 to 2 days to conventional shipping times, but it allows us to stay as close to zero waste as possible.

We feel that our earth is well worth the extra day or two.


Moving Forward

As we continue to grow, we are super excited about all our upcoming content and endeavors we have in store. For the duration of 2021 we will be focusing our efforts on building our Youtube and Art library, establishing our blog and smashing out more dynamic designs.

As we progress, we won't only be creating more Joie de vivre paraphernalia , we will be growing our community and team to expand upon our core goals.

Have some great ideas and initiative and want to build something together? Art, clothing, environment, science..... whatever -  Feel free to contact us anytime, we'd love to hear from you!