99% Chance of Seahorses - Directions to Dive the Etang de Thau in France

What if I told you there was a place, that even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles would be capable of finding seahorses ....... and....... it was in France!

A place where no boats are required and you can dive from shore comfortably out of the back of your car.

In the South of France, protected from the conditions of the open Mediterranean Sea, there is a a lagoon that is home to the best place to find seahorses in France, and possibly all of Europe.

I've never done a dive there and haven't seen one..... and I've dove there twice!😅

Technically for me I'm sitting at 100%.

All joking a side of fries and a coke .....Ok let's get serious now this is finding seahorses we're talking about, not transgenders competing at the Olympics. Ok, I lied, the jokes aren't gonna stop... so if you're a black and white person like Michael Jackson and wanna skip to the directions click here.

The Etang de Thau in the south of France sits just outside of Sète and not too far from Montpellier. It is home to a muck dive in a lagoon that is a magnet for seahorses. Why? Probably because of the new gentrified neighborhood and the near by McDonalds...... I don't know why, all I know is that they are there and they are as happy as a vegan ordering a cheese less pizza..... Somethings well just never understand..... Like cheese less pizza.


It is a tremendously simple dive from the end of the lighthouse jetty. The area is also a nudibranch hot spot in the Fall and Springtime along with being a year round seahorse settlement.

Now , you're a smart person, I know that because stupid people never read my blogs. You know as well as I that the only thing that's 99% guarantee in life is that Donald Trump is gonna say something hilariously offensive within the next 3 hours and that your next cellphone will be made in China.

Having said that, this area is pretty sweet for finding seahorses. There's seagrass that surrounds the mucky bottom and the seahorse tend to live within the grasses and the few shallow sail boat wrecks found just in front at 0 to 5 meters deep.

One of the factors boosting the rate of finding seahorse, is the fact that the dive only goes to 5 meters deep. Even the biggest air guzzlers are gonna be able to do a long dive here. The longer you search, your chances will go up, it's pretty complicated math but the seahorse finding percentage seems to always be affected as a result.

Muck diving in France is not something that is super popular or well known. So you shouldn't do it because none of the cool kids are ...... I'm like an Uber 2.7 in coolness, so I guess some cool people are doing it.

Some of the local dive centers visit the site from time to time, and aside from a few in the know locals, the site isn't dove too often.

This seahorse honey hole is a perfect place to dive from the shore as easy and cheaply as possible....... Or a great place to try on that dry suit you bought but have no money left over to do the course so your just gonna watch a few Youtube videos and giv'er a go...... Just remember you'll need 3 times more weight than you think you will !!!!

If you have your own tanks and gear it doesn't get much easier than this. If you need to rent or borrow some gear, there are local dive centers scattered everywhere along the South coast of France.

Alright, i'll shut up for a second and hook you up with what you need to know.

Starting from $9.99 per month you can have full access to..... alright, alright , I'm done with the jokes. Here's the run down.

Step One : Decide it's a lovely day 2 go dive with some seahorse

Step Two : Use the map and directions below to find the dive site.... It's very easy!

Step 3 : Park your car here

Step 4 : Set your gear up , and enter the water there

Step 5 : Find these

* Note : The gate is sometimes .... most times locked so there is a solid 400 meters you gotta lug the gear by hand, if you have a small dolly or wagon bring it.... If not, you're gonna have to find you inner John Cena and bust the guns out.

I hope this info helps you get some awesome seahorse encounters. Like I said, you have a 99% CHANCE of seeing them, but zero percent guarantee. C'mon , ya'll know how it goes when diving, sometimes we see sometimes we don't.

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Much love ya'll and happy seahorse finding, or nudibranch finding, or shark....Fuck.....

Happy finding to all..... we are NOT find-a-phobic here at Planetlenz nor find-specific or findacist, all finds are considered equal..... Unless its a sea cucumber!

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Send some photos and tell us all about how many seahorses you found.