Pokémon and Wildlife Photography Are The Exact Same Thing!

Years ago, when my voice started to change and hair started to grow in places where none had grown before, I decided it was time to put down the gameboy, and join the “cool” kids, smoking and skateboarding “doing” what “cool kids” do. How originally “cool” of me! Who wants to capture Charizard and Pikachu when you can take mushrooms and explore the outdoors together with your friends, finding dragons in a real forest!

Well, what If I told you, the best of both worlds is possible. A BRAND NEW version of Pokémon that will get you outdoors finding dragons without the aid of mushrooms….. No it’s not Pokémon Go, that shit is retarded…. It’s called WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Let me explain....

Capturing Pokémon, training them, battling them and trading them….. “Dude WTF are you talking about wildlife photography is nothing like that!”…..

SHUT UP and let me explain!

Capturing Pokemon

You gotta' catch em' all! This is the basis of the game, not to mention a very well chosen slogan for marketing. Getting out there on the hunt for the rarest Pokémon trying to use strategy, techniques and tactics to complete your mission.

Wildlife photography is the exact same! Sure we aren’t throwing magic balls at make believe critters, but the act is no different. We are trying to capture animals in the wild, without the purpose of eating them. And the rarer the animal the more prized our shots become.

Just like a Pokémon addict, we too aren’t satisfied with just one, we are on the same quest trying to catch em' them all.

In the early stages, wildlife photographers were limited by how many animals we could capture… Just like a Pokémon trainer limited by their number of poke balls.

Once we got digital cameras and weren’t confined to 24 or 36 photos per roll, it was exactly like having cheat codes where you can have as many poke balls as you want!

Training and leveling up

So how in the heck do you wildlife photographer do that….take your photos to the gym?”… The only photos in the gym that concern us are from the wanna be Instagram models we went to high school with. How do we train and level up our photos??? Duh – PHOTOSHOP and LIGHTROOM

Just like a trainer leveling up his Pokémon to be stronger to compete against others, we too, have our ways of leveling up. We enhance the colors and tones in our program of choice, working our captured animals into a level 99 that we are proud to go into battle with.

Battling Them

So what……. you have little picture fights? Hahaaha”

Uhhhhhhhmmmmm…. Yeah!?!

How else do you think we do it.

Picture battles, what kinda shit is that….!”

It’s called Instagram and Facebook…. What have you been living under a rock or something? Just like Pokémon trainers battling their Pokémon against each other, we duke it out in the form of likes, comments, views and shares. This is just the warm up round, the real crown jewel is our photography competitions. We crown winners in all sort of categories handing out prizes and trophies. Of course, in reality it means absolutely nothing, and neither do Pokémon stats – see the similarities!

Trading them

So you trade photo’s for other photos ….???”

Hahaha, no silly we trade them for money. We sell them to magazines, get them hung in museums, classroom presentations, scientific studies, advertisements etc….. Come to think of it…..In this area, wildlife photography is nothing like Pokémon.

Ok, I see what you're getting at, but why would I wanna go out looking for wild animals…. I got Netflix!

Have you seen some of the dragons we capture, that were not on a screen? Living, breathing shitting, eating and fucking in the wild! There is no substitute for the real thing, would you rather look at live nudes or Netflix nudes!

So where am I going with this strange analogy….. it’s simple.

If it is this kinda thing you enjoy and find fulfilling within a digital world....

Give it a try in the real one, what you capture will genuinely surprise you!

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