Springtime in South France – The Best Season of the Year

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Do you like 40 degrees weather? Of course you don’t, you're not a fucking lizard!

Slice “la tarte” however you like, springtime in the south of France is by far the best time of the year to visit this region of the worlds most visited country.

The south of France is beautiful year round. With winter day time highs averaging 12 degrees you really can’t complain when Paris is frozen. Palm trees, beaches and diverse geography all along the coast, the south of France is the California of France.

Springtime in the south starts super early, the first signs of Spring are when the Mimosa trees start to bloom. These Dr Seus Lorax looking trees are the canaries in the coal mine signaling springs arrival. Come mid January, the first signs of their yellow blossoms start to appear signaling that spring is soon here. That’s right folks, MID January!

The days start getting longer and the occasional 15 to 16 degree day squeaks in. If one of those days so happens to be on a weekend, terraces fill up, parks and beaches explode with people… well at least for a few hours in the afternoon. Who can’t resist an occasional blast of warmth knowing next week is gonna be cold as hell.

Speaking of weather…. The summers here are getting worse and worse every year. There seems to be this strange phenomenon that has been making them hotter and hotter year after year. Seriously, it gets uncomfortably hot down here during summer months, and that usually sends people heading towards the beach.

Try going to the beach here in the summer….I dare you! There is nothing like a Mediterranean day at the beach when the weather is in the mid thirties. It’s almost like the episode of BBC where walrus cover the entire beach. It’s too bad there aren’t any predators to chase the beach goers up a cliff , cornering them until they eventually fall off….. otherwise I’d have some more interesting photos to show ya!

Speaking of animals

The birding season down here is quite special. The Flamingos of south France (Click here to read our article Flamingo Finder) start getting ready for mating season. The flocks start to get bigger and more abundant as the pussy Flamingos who couldn’t handle the winter return to be with their counterparts who stayed and braved the weather.

Storks, start returning to their nesting grounds. They ain’t coming to bring babies, they fin to make some babies. Countless amounts of herons, ducks and egrets start congregating and all the other little birds who’s names I ignorantly do not know all start making their way back.

The animals go well beyond birds, farm animals start getting frisky, turtles come out and bask in the sun and insects start to rapidly multiply.

Spring is the best time of the year to go on nature walks and picnics. No mosquitos and cool weather allow for some pretty enjoyable hikes before the summertime hoards of people arrive.

We’ve been doing this well before Covid-19 made Picnicking fashionable and are always on the lookout for cool spots. The best spots are never planned, you just need to move your ass and somewhere special will find you…. Trust me it works every time!

From a photographers point of view, spring time lighting is fantastic as the sun stays low all day. Beaches, parks, villages and historical sites are relatively void of people making them perfect for exploring and photographing without some idiot playing Pokémon go or eating an over sized ice cream in the background.

Just like spring anywhere else in the world, the colors of rejuvenation are plentiful. An added bonus is that not all the trees loose their leaves. In the south of France there are certain types of forest that keep their leaves year round. So even coming here in January, you can take photos that look no different than had you taken them in July.

Markets start beefing up their supplies. The south of France is one of the most fertile areas in the world, capable of growing a staggering variety of different fruits and vegetables. Forget the cheese a minute here folks, France is by far one of the most ridiculous places in the world in terms of it’s selection of produce. From strawberries to figs. Black berries, asparagus, kiwis and beyond, French markets got it going on.

Biking season starts ramping up, only a completely deranged individual would want to bike around the entire country in July. From the boarder of Monaco to the boarder of Spain, if there is an ounce of sunshine on the weekend you are gonna see loads of people out on their bikes.

If you hate cyclist and have dreams of hitting one with your car, we suggest following the D559 from Cannes to St Tropez on a sunny Saturday morning. You will certainly have plenty of opportunities!

Splash a bit of red and white wine into the mix, add some cheese, incorporate a few baguettes and now we're talking. France already has so much going on for it, when you add in the pleasant mild weather of Spring, the lengthening day light hours, the lack of large crowds and so on….. once you've experienced it spring time here, you will hate yourself for coming here during any other season.

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